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Quietly working away in South Norfolk are a group of computer specialists who are successfully competing with some of the world's leading names in a competitive European market.
Cybervision was one of a number of companies that trace their history back to the heady days of the late seventies and early eighties when Diss was the home of one of the most successful companies ever in newspaper publishing systems -Xenotron Limited. Xenotron was formed by Tim Coldwell and Iain Houghton to design and manufacture specialist computer workstations for the newspaper market. This company grew very rapidly until it employed 500 people worldwide, with a sizeable workforce in Diss.
But the creative energy that fuelled this explosion was not lost, just spread out rather, spawning Cybervision, Tecsa, Hydra and Hyphen in the Diss area and others in Cheltenham and in France, Germany and Italy.
Cybervision was formed by Iain Houghton and Steve Robinson to continue to supply newspaper computer systems for new and existing customers and markets.
Cybervision have not only continued to supply high performance workstations for ad and page makeup, they have broadened their product range with a comprehensive suite of systems for all the newspaper departments from the front desk ad taking through to the management of satellite transmitted editorial graphics.
Our UK customers have included:
Bradford Telegraph and Argus
Wolverhampton Express and Star
Nottingham Evening Post
Eastern Counties Newspapers
Precision Colour Printers (Telford)
Chester Standard
The Publishing Centre (Spalding)

We had product as part of earlier Miles systems, including
Portsmouth (Publishing Centre)
Trinity Mirror - Reading and Coventry

We were distributed widely through France by Graphics Systems (part of Monotype) including
Pays Roannais
Our largest contracts were with the WAZ group in Germany
Our biggest current systems are in Hungary - the Panon Lapok group, part of WAZ.