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AdDept from Cybervision is a modern Windows-based advertising sales system for the high volume advertising departments in newspapers and magazines. The product is suited to active ad sales, telephone ad booking and front desk environments.
AdDept II adds campaign management, contact management and sales performance tracking features to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding ad sales manager.
AdDept is Open DataBase Connectivity compliant to allow direct access to your existing marketing data and to provide unlimited analysis of your market and your sales operation


AdDept display ad booking provides management of special position allocation for both provisional and firm bookings. Combined with the contact management functions of AdDeptII, it provides every assistance towards filling these high earning special positions.
The status of the ad can be logged at this time – as ‘previous’, ‘awaiting copy’, ‘awaiting PostScript file’, etc.
Because the ad booking database is common with the Cybervision ad management database, this information is immediately available to the Production Manager.
WYSIWYG view files of previously placed ads are available too, so helping discussions with the advertiser.
The copy for a lineage ad can be used for one of the house boxed ad styles, simply by selecting the style from a popdown.
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