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Newsroom has been created to supply all the tools required for the preparation of the editorial content of newspapers and magazines.
Basket management, picture management, subbing and story shaping.
Newsroom can be used to 'feed' Quark*/PageMaker*/In-design* (Desktop Publishing (DTP))based page makeup or Newsroom can be used to produce 'page-ready' editorial that can be delivered to the Cybervision Page Planning and Pagination Adflow software for automatic page creation without DTP.
Database management
The users, stories, images, baskets, pages and titles are all ‘objects’ in the Newsroom relational database.
In this way, there is unlimited access to management information about story and picture placement as well as in-built digital asset management.
The Newsroom Database shares the same technology as the Cybervision advertising systems. In this way, the number of different technologies that have to be supported is reduced to one.
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The Cybervision Limited advertising system gateway for Adobe InDesign allows the transfer of advertising material from an ad booking and planning system into InDesign.
Designed originally to link the Cybervision Adflow advertising planning and pagination system to the new "Newsroom" editorial system from Cybervision, the Gateway is also available to publishers who have decided to adopt InDesign, but who don't currently use Adflow.
The InDesign gateway collects all advertising for a title/edition and automatically creates a multi-page InDesign document or many single-page documents with the ads in place. Ads can be any of the supported document or graphics input formats of InDesign.
The Gateway is available as a Windows 'applet' that is configured to connect to the ad insertion information in advertising system databases.
InDesign* interface
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